The Supremacy of the French Lover – Fact or Fiction?

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Romantic Priorities    

I was thinking about tackling the “Journee de Patrimoine” for my topic today (the day when French people get to visit national monuments that are usually closed to the public) but I decided to go with a different kind of French legacy, the romantic kind.  I got to thinking about why the French have a global reputation for being the best lovers on the planet.  I had a  discussion (somewhat heated)  with French friends, men and women alike and came up with a list of reasons why that reputation just might be well-deserved. Food for tender thought.

1.  The French Lover is a gentleman.  You could even call him gallant, chivalrous.  He knows how to flatter his partner.  He might not open the car door, but he will probably pay for dinner, the first dinner that is.  What happens later is, well, up to you.

2.  He cooks – with love.  The Frenchie cooks because he loves to, not out of obligation.  It seems that watching your apron-clad French boyfriend get all happy and excited in the kitchen is a real turn-on.  I don’t know if watching you do the dishes is as exciting.   In any case, at least you won’t go to bed hungry.

3.  He kisses – a lot.  The name, “French kiss” is no accident.  It seems that the French lover beats all European records for kissing duration.  And, don’t forget, almost everyone here kisses to say hello, goodbye and lots of other things in between.  Heck, it’s almost a national sport.

Kisses galore

4.  He knows how to dress.  Yes, clothes do make the man.  And the devil is in the details as you can see by the Frenchman’s shoes.  Even if he is dressed in jeans, the jeans are ironed with a crease down the middle and the shoes are gorgeous.  In a suit and tie, everything matches with a subtle, gracious taste.  He’s got style, a very seductive style.

5.  He doesn’t need Viagra.  Why take Viagra when France has more than 365 cheeses?  It seems that smelly, unpasteurized French cheese acts like an erotic booster shot.  Experts recommend the super-strong ones such as Roquefort or Gorgonzola.  They say cheese stimulates endorphins and encourages couples to couple (after brushing, I imagine).

6.  He likes older women.  I’m not speaking about cougars here; it’s just that French lovers appreciate sexual maturity.  Supposedly, they are still attracted to their partners as they get older – comparing them to wines that get better (not older) with age.

7.  He enjoys culture.  Your French boyfriend does not have to be coerced enhancing his cultural intelligence by visiting a museum or two, he actually likes it.  If not, Paris itself is a living museum with plenty of exciting nude statues and beautiful artwork everywhere.  Not to mention bridges, towers and other national monuments that are the perfect backdrop for a romantic kiss in the moon (or sun) light.

8.  He will say “Je t’aime” (“I love you”).  He will also call you “ma cherie”, “mon amour” or other lovely French romantic nicknames.  If he does stick to English ones, saying “darling” with a French accent is a real winner.

No Romance in Numbers

I could have gone into statistics in this article – you know writing about how many times the French “do it” compared to other countries, but there’s nothing romantic about numbers. Let’s keep the romance in the cheesy kisses and chocolate – and let’s keep it in France.

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