Paris Hosts a Creative Condom Competition

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Rubber Art
Last year I had fun writing my blog about “The Best Baguette” contest in Paris – but that was last year.  This year, I found another contest, “Paris Condom Creation” which is so much more exciting!  That’s right; the city of Paris has launched a graphic challenge to find an inspiring design for the packaging of the 35,000 rubbers that it will distribute for free in 2013.  The official objective of this competition is to incite young people to enjoy “sexuality without risk”.  I think that the unofficial objective is to incite young people to enjoy sexuality – period.  Remember, we are talking about Paris.

Rules of the Game
The contestants are to create the pouch, packet or envelope that will house the condom; not the condom itself.  Since this is definitely a “young” contest (you have to be at

Calling all Condom Creators

least 16 to enter), the contest is an electronic one which uses a facebook application both for contest submission and voting.  The deadline for submission was November 2nd, but there’s still time to vote for your rubber wrapper until November 9th.   Voters count of course; but there is also a jury of 10 professionals who will ultimately pick the arousing winner.

The Winner Does Not Take All
Even though I think the contest is an amusing idea, the prize for the Best Rubber Wrapper is really not that motivating.  The winner gets a 3rd generation iPad and that’s it.  That seems a bit “short” for an original sex-a-sketch.  The 2nd and 3rd prize winners, however, get a year’s supply of condoms.  Give yourself a minute and take a guess at how many that would be (remember, I’m talking about Paris).  This official number comes from the Harris Interactive Institute.  Ready?  Well, the number is 120 – that’s right; the average number of times a Parisian makes loves during one year is one hundred and twenty times.  Do the math – there’s nothing average about that number.

France’s Got Talent
I took a virtual tour of some of the entries and couldn’t help but crack a smile over a few of these “Pocket Picasso’s”.  My third-place favorite was a facebook “I Like” thumb covered by a condom.  Second-place for me was one in English – the slogan “Sex We Can” drawn on a hot-pink heart.  But the one I really prefer is entitled “Orgasm Donor” – short, sweet and to the point.
The “Paris Condom Creation” contest is a whimsical, amusing way of approaching the serious subject of safe sex.  I like the idea but somehow, I just don’t think it would fly in the US.  I was thinking about my native city of Boston, Massachusetts and trying to imagine Boston City Hall giving away anything that has to do with sex and/or sponsoring a sexual-related contest that 16 year olds can enter!  That would be a “cold day in hell” as my Aunt Harriet used to say.

Inspired by Bread
I also wondered how the winning artist would incorporate this coveted condom packet in his portfolio.  Would he include the whole thing or just the sex-a-sketch?  Would he collect empty packets from all over Paris to show how much his artwork was appreciated?  Would he exhibit a framed condom wrapper in his high school’s Art Show?  Would he sign autographs?  How exactly?
Anyway, since I am having so much fun, let me tell you about my idea for a condom pocket creation.  It’s actually a combination of two of my favorite blogs:  this one and last year’s best baguette in Paris blog.  I would put a baguette and a rubber together – are you getting the gist of this idea?  Then I could call my design “inbreadwiththefrench”!
Too bad the Paris Condom Creation contest deadline has passed – oh well, there’s always next year.

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