Forking Around on Valentine’s Day in Paris

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When you live in Paris, you cannot avoid romance and sex. Even if you’re not having either of them, they slap you in the face at almost every street corner here in the City of Light and Love. Couples make out in the subway; suggestive billboards decorate the bus stops and skinny, well-dressed, enticing Parisian women meander about hanging on a sexy Frenchman’s arm.

Just one example of Parisian bus stop advertising.
Just one example of Parisian bus stop advertising.

So, when Valentine’s Day comes around again and you’re alone again, you have to either flee the city (head to Germany maybe) or find another way to get excited. I picked the second option this year. This year, I found a few seductive guys in white coats who showed me and thousands of others a delectable time — it was the best Valentine’s Day ever.

These guys in white coats are rock stars in Paris and in France in general. Now you know there are not so many real rock stars here (come on, just try and name one!), so you can probably guess that I’m talking about chefs. Right, this weekend the beautiful Grand Palais hosted the second annual “Taste of Paris”, where seventeen men and one woman from the finest restaurants in this gastronomic capital exploded taste buds as they strutted their culinary stuff. They offered (for a price of course) small samples of their signature dishes. The rock stars were happy and proud as they personally dished out their samples to the general public. Most of the fans, myself included, did not mind waiting in long lines while drooling at the bit. We knew at the end of that line we would get to say “bonjour” and maybe take a selfie with a one, two or even a three-star chef from the Michelin guide (the bible of chefs and clients alike).

The Chef Rock Stars of the Taste of Paris.
The Chef Rock Stars of the Taste of Paris.

Here are a few daring dishes that were working hard at provoking, stimulating and arousing the crowd on this Valentine’s Day. The Colombian-born, but now Parisian chef Juan Arbelaez (my personal favorite), from the restaurant Plantxa, added Bengalese tiger’s milk to his famous ceviche dish. Nicolas Beaumann, a famous 2-star chef, served an extremely compact-sized, suggestive dessert called “the crispy cigar, made of Havana tobacco and accompanied by Hennessy cognac mousse”. Frédéric Anton, a 3-star rock star from the Pré Catelan restaurant, shared his creation of lightly-spiced scallops served with grapefruit and peanuts. This was a Moveable Feast suitable for every palate

One of the "smoking hot" dishes of the Taste of Paris.
One of the “smoking hot” dishes of the Taste of Paris.

I always thought that glorious food, love and sex all had the same standing in Paris but I think that a certain 3-star restaurant has just taken this “standing” to a new level. I am including this video here in my blog for you to judge for yourself. It is the new presentation of Guy Savoy’s restaurant located in the gorgeous building, Hotel de Monnaie, on the Seine River

It is called “A Dinner in Paris.” In it you can see a couple making out in the restaurant (more than once); the lovely behind of some model; cleavage of the same lady who was making out; the view of the Seine and, oh yeah, some fake fish, artichokes and garlic. The message is clearly that Guy Savoy, 3-star restaurant, will help you get lucky – at the average price of four hundred dollars for a menu, which does not even include wine.

A Forking Good Time on Valentine's Day!
A Forking Good Time on Valentine’s Day!

Anyway, the Taste of Paris I had was a lot more affordable and I could wear jeans.Hope it comes around next year on Valentine’s Day too. It was a forking good time!

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